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Vibratory Screen

Vibratory Screen

With Electro magnetic type/motorised type. vibratory Screens are designed for scalping, dusting,sizing and separating all types of bulk maerials. ideally suited for hazardous locations. Applications includes as pharmaceuticals industry-various drug i.e. menthol crystal, asprin, sugar vitamins, tablets, etc. Paint industry -pigments, varnish solvents, paints, tablets,etc. emulsions, aluminium paste.ceramic industry - clay slips,colours,raw material, bentonite, alumina,ceramic fibers, printing ink industry - printing inks,colours, solvents,food industry-potato crips, cococa, coffee beans,cooking effpulent,cake crumbs,flour,chocolates,dried fruit, powders,tea,edible olis,milk whey, starch, canning food packing industry-sea foods(De-watering), lima beans, corn, vegetables, fruits, waste water, puff cereal (grain cleaning), meat scraps, bone meal, blood animal food, various fertilizers, raw materials pellestised foods, oats, wheat, milgrain, rubber industry - various chemicals, solventns, latex rubber solutions, latex adhesives. paper industry - paper coatings, fibre removal, pulppaoer, wood chips (De-barking). brewery industry barley, spent grain waster, yeast(washing) caustic soda reclamation (bottling process.) checimal industry insecticides, chemicals, solvents, raw materials, wax powder, catalyst pellets. reclamation - seperating of copper wire from foreign matter, removal of dirt from granulated scrap aluminium, lead shot. plastic industry P.V.C. granules, plastic compounds, etc.

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